badge-9With the heightening concerns of security around the country, protecting ones assets and family at a gathering or event, has become very important. Whether it’s one officer for a dinner party or 50 officers for a family gathering or special event. Executive Security Associates highly trained personnel will manage all the complicated endeavors required today . Executive Security Associates is licensed by the state of Connecticut and serving the entire state of Connecticut.

 Security Provided For
Crowd ControlRetail EventsComplexes (Building, Office)
FairsParking EnforcementWarehouses
Trade ShowsStadiumsLarge Events
Sporting EventsConcert Movie & TV Productions
Dinner Party's Gated CommunitiesWeddings
FestivalsExpo’sStrike / Labor Disputes
FundraisersConstruction SitesPersonal Appearances

Having a large pool of veteran personnel to choose from that is comprised of retired state, local, and federal law enforcement, plus security staff that have years of training and experience allows Executive Security Associates to provide you with superb security.

Please be aware that Security is very different then Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement focuses on reaction to crime and the enforcement of public laws and ordinances. Security professionals, on the other hand, are trained to work closely with law enforcement to identify and prevent a problem before it occurs. In addition, security personnel are more likely to be involved in protecting assets and carrying out an organization’s policies and procedures than in enforcing criminal statutes